OPS235 (Section F) Practical Test1 Instructions:

  1. No talking during or after test. Raise hand to ask instructor question.
  2. You have 2 periods to perform this practical test.
  3. Read instructions carefully, and refer to lab notes if required. You are allowed to use manpages as well.
  4. Teacher can help students (if they get stuck at certain stages of test), but at a loss of marks
  5. Students MUST write test for their section (or not marked!)
  6. Recommended to perform test in main Diskpack (i.e. Fedora13Host) (you don't have to use virtual machines)
  7. Recommended for students to save files in one consistent location (like "/tmp").
    If you happen to reboot, change back to /tmp.
  8. <learnid> means your learn user id.
  9. When submitting test, refer to your file <learnid>-sau6.img
    This will be the image that contains files created and copied over to that image in step "h".
  10. When you have submitted your test, check your learn e-mail for confirmation.

Open Web-browser and go to: http://matrix.senecac.on.ca/~murray.saul

OPS235 (Section F) Practical Test Link: Practical Test #1 - Section F